TV: A Powerful Manipulation Machine

Convo Cafe 8.8

View the clips below and ponder: Does your family properly use electronic mass media? Or, do you let the media abuse you? 

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God bless, 

– All Nations 


Greetings in the Name of the Lord!

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We are pleased to join the world of bloggers. I must be honest, I was very leery and still have some apprehension about the idea. However, I have been told I need to “get with it” and move into the technological age. With ears wide open, I finally understood that this medium of communicating with others about Gospel of Christ and related subjects could prove advantageous. Surely as a Pastor that seeks to guard his flock, I cautiously take this voyage into the unknown.

It is my goal to be a regular participant by sharing devotional articles and also extend opportunities to the blogging community to ask biblical questions as I will take a crack at providing sound biblically based answers. However, the blog will be used to empower, enrich and even invite you share in our bible study lessons.

While I am taking this walk of faith in the “blogosphere” (is there such a word), I also want to share some guidelines we will follow and monitor frequently. Church blogs are unique and are therefore rightly held to a high standard of responsibility for representing Christ in all we do and say. Our reputation as Christians is at stake. Let me offer a disclaimer before we get started and before anything is posted that we may miss that is not Christ-like. We cannot control what individuals might post. We ask that all bloggers take care not to purposefully or inadvertently disclose any personal information about yourself or your church family.

I want to thank the person(s) who will serve as our monitors and particularly the ministry leader who will design and give leadership to this endeavor. I look forward to a very fruitful and edifying exchange of ideas centered around the life issues and biblical doctrines.

Keep the Faith and know that our God is an able God.


P.S. If you would like to contact the church directly, please send a comment below.