The Mission of the All Nations Baptist Church is to personally share the love of God and the gospel of Jesus Christ with people in our homes, our jobs and the wider society. Further, it is to live a life devoted to Christian character according to the Word of God.

Expanded Vision Statement

The All Nations Baptist Church is a Bible believing, Bible teaching church of believers, which exists in covenant relationship with each other as one body in Christ. The rule and practice of spiritual gifts in action shapes our character and disciplines our emotions to submit duly authorized under church leadership.

A – A congregation radically committed to acknowledging Jesus Christ as Lord and Headship over the church body.

L – Leadership advocates for complete and mature development of spiritual gifts among the church membership.

L– Labor faithfully to model sacrificial living and service as to evidence productive, fruitful, and spiritual lifestyles

N – New converts are to receive every available means to properly teach Biblical precepts related to the development of spiritual gifts and understanding the gospel ministry.

A – Apply biblical church disciplines that foster true Christian love and accountability.

T – Use trust and integrity to govern all relationships.

I – Involve all groups in the life of the church according to its mission statement

O – Ongoing emphasis practicing fervent spiritual-led prayer, empowered gospel witness, regular Bible study, continual financial stewardship and regular corporate worship.

N – Network with family, friends, co-workers, church and community in support of the church efforts to address the needs of the oppressed, the marginalized and the poor.

S – Stewardship principles based on gospel teachings will be practiced to meet changing inter-generational trends and needs of the local church and community.


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